The Sequence of Reliability

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Industries Becoming Reliable With SGC Partners

Meet Our Team

  • Who We Are

    Our Collaborators are a unique blend of thought leaders and operating executives who are grounded in the science of organizational improvement. Through our Sequence of Reliability, our team provides world-class expertise in designing optimal socio-technical solutions for your organization.

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  • What We Do

    We care about your organizational success. SGC Partners is a firm that specializes in helping your organization manage its critical enterprise reliability — including value creation, operational production, and risk management. By assisting you in applying our Sequence of Reliability, your organization becomes more reliable across your entire workforce, supporting all your core values. Our role is to guide you through the process — providing both service and platform support to assist you achieving self-sustainability.

    We are the pioneers of the Collaborative Culture of Safety™ model of socio-technical improvement.

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  • How We Do It

    Enterprise reliability management is at the core of every high consequence organization. Organizations are socio-technical — meaning they are comprised of people working inside systems, with macro- and micro-cultures arising at all levels of the enterprise. These complex combinations can be challenging to manage and, at times, produce less-than-hoped-for results. We define reliability as sustain performance over time, and our proven strategies will help you get there. We begin with leadership commitment, seeking mutual agreement on our reliability value proposition. Next, through guided engagement and innovative platform support, we integrate learning and reliability management into your journey, helping you to achieve and sustain your objectives and key results (OKRs).

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The Power of Collaboration

Our singular goal is to help make the world a better, safer place through collaborative socio-technical design. We assist organizations in producing better outcomes through Collaborative Action Partnerships, Collaborative Just Culture™, learning systems that make reliability a component of workplace culture, and the management of systems and human behaviors that produce lasting improvements in operational performance.

It’s risk management for the 21st century. One word describes our unique approach … one word defines the hallmark of our success … and one word defines the experience of working with us: Collaboration.

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SG Collaborative Solutions is headquartered in Westlake, Texas, with regional offices in Portland, San Francisco, Austin and Brisbane, Australia.

Corporate Office: +1 (682) 237 2340
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Technical Support Hotline +1 (213) 340-4332

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