About Us

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What We Do

SGC Partners specializes in helping your organization manage its critical enterprise risks — risks that can significantly harm your organization, your staff or those you serve. We know to ensure risks are being managed, you need measureable results. We are specialists in delivering observable, measurable improvements in the prevention of unintended harm. We focus on reducing harm
in high-consequence industries and organizations.

Our goal is clear – to reduce significant harm events and save lives.

We are the pioneers of the Collaborative Culture of Safety™ model of socio-technical improvement.

How We Do This

Enterprise risk management is at the core of every high consequence organization. Therefore we must understand your needs so we can identify where your systems and/or staff behaviours are currently making you vulnerable to significant harm. Then we bring a suite of tailored and specific tools and solutions to improve your performance, manage your risk and guide your success.

Who Are We?

Our Collaborators are a unique blend of thought-leaders and operational practitioners who are grounded in organizational improvement. Balancing system design with the management of complex behavioral choices, we provide world-class expertise to design optimal solutions for your organization.

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