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Coursework for Physicians, Leaders and Team Members

Authorized MGB physicians, leaders and team members are invited to register for SGCS High Reliability™ and Collaborative Just Culture™ courses using the form below. The registration code you have been provided will automatically enroll you in the group and courses to which you have been assigned.

Proprietary Courseware and Content

As an authorized registrant under the MGB-SGCS contract, your registration confirms that you agree that all SGCS course material is proprietary and confidential, and that SGCS retains the copyrights and ownership of all materials presented herein. Distribution of these materials, including but not limited to the SGCS Reliability Response Guide™, is restricted to MGB employees who need access to the materials under the terms of the MGB-SGCS agreement. To access the full version of the SGCS Proprietary and Confidential Information terms contained in this agreement, please visit