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SG Collaborative Solutions Offers The World’s First Independently Audited High Reliability Program

Reliability matters. Reliable hospitals have fewer re-admissions and higher patient satisfaction scores. Reliable airlines have fewer accidents and happier employees. Reliable factories deliver higher quality products with fewer recalls. The list goes on. What distinguishes reliable organizations from others is their ability to see, understand and manage risk.

Reliable operational performance requires a commitment to providing a collaborative culture where risks — the precursors to bad outcomes — are recognized, reported and systematically managed. It comes down to this: organizations that measure, monitor and manage precursors can become reliable because they can see bad outcomes before they happen. It’s just this basic.

Collaborative Just Culture® (CJC) is a method and program that prepares organizations for the journey to reliability by creating a workplace where risk identification and reporting is supported, encouraged and rewarded. CJC shifts focus from human behaviors toward the risks and systems that influence human choices that often contribute to bad outcomes. This employee-friendly approach is not only effective in encouraging risk reporting, it also increases employee satisfaction and engagement. CJC is the gateway to High Reliability. It is not an activity or an initiative that has an end date — it’s a program that becomes an integral part of how an organization functions, and is the foundation of operational high reliability.

Most organizations are good at measuring outcomes — but not the factors that contribute to outcomes. For reliability to take hold and grow within an organization, it requires a science, discipline and a language that allows everyone to equally contribute to ongoing performance at the highest levels. Collaborative High Reliability® (CHR) is the universal standard and method that acts as the framework for sustainable reliability. It is highly customizable and adaptable to any organization or industry, and is particularly effective in helping organizations see and understand the risks that impact them every day.

Independent audits are a first principle of Reliability. We do not audit the methods we teach. Audits by trusted, independent organizations like DNV ensure that efforts to achieve CJC and CHR status are sustainable, and are maintained against the first and only global standard for High Reliability.

We’ll show you how to transform your organization and help you do it. Become qualified in CJC to begin the journey to sustainably reliable operational performance, and evolve toward CHR from the inside out.

Over the past 25 years, SG Collaborative Solutions has developed CJC and CHR into universal standards that achieve lasting transformation in even the most tradition-bound organizations. SGCS first developed its Sequence of Reliability in aviation, achieving tremendous success with the ASAP program, and over the past 25 years has developed CJC and CHR into universal standards that achieve lasting transformation in even the most tradition-bound organizations.