Principles of Reliability

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Begin your personal and organizational journey toward risk reliability here. Principles of Reliability is the prerequisite for all other SGCS courses. This fast-paced online course is organized into five sections, each containing a group of related learning modules. Section progress is indicated above each module as it is completed, and overall course progress is indicated in the sidebar.

The sections and modules in this course are progressive and sequenced to help you quickly acquire the skills needed to become risk reliable. The first time you view the course you will be guided to view the modules in order. After you’ve completed a section or module, you can go back and watch them again in any order desired.

Section 1: Introduction to Risk Reliability (seven modules) considers the realities we each face and what we must do to prepare for reliability in the workplace today. This section begins by defining Risk Reliability – its attributes and sequence – and sets the stage for success through recognition of our multiple values and common goals.

Section 2: Seeing and Understanding Risk (nine modules) describes the first and most critical step in achieving Risk Reliability – a step that both individuals and organizations often overlook. Mastery of this section will prepare you for the socio-technical science that follows.

Section 3: System Reliability (11 modules) explores the science of macro-system design, and illuminates the strategies engineers use to optimize system performance. Applying these concepts in our everyday life can improve the outcomes we produce, including the choices we make and the errors that will inevitably occur.

Section 4: Human Reliability (13 modules) examines our behaviors — our choices and our errors — and how we are affected by the influences we encounter each day. Mastery of this section leads to improved personal reliability and prepares you for the next section on Organizational Reliability.

Section 5: Organizational Reliability (six modules) demonstrates how risk-reliable individuals can collaborate to become sustainable, reliable organizations. Risk Reliable organizations move beyond reactive response to adverse events and embrace the proactive and predictive management of risk, across multiple values.

This course is presented by SGCS founding partner Scott Griffith.

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