Paul LeSage

Founding Partner and Principal Collaborator, SG Collaborative Solutions LLC

Paul LeSage is a founding partner of SG Collaborative Solutions LLC. Drawing on his distinguished career as a lead flight paramedic, assistant fire chief, and director of Oregon’s second-largest emergency 911 and dispatch center, Paul went on to author a book on crew resource management, start his own publishing company and join Oregon Health and Science University as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine. With SG Collaborative Solutions since 2011, Paul continues on his life-long journey of serving organizations and communities while setting the gold standard of collaboration for his colleagues.

Paul’s work includes conducting complex event investigations, helping organizations integrate Just Culture principles into their internal justice systems, evaluating learning systems in high reliability industries, and teaching leaders, managers, supervisors, clinicians, and other front-line operators how to best instill Just Culture into daily operational practices. His work as Founder and CEO of Critical Decision Partners, LLC included conducting post-incident analyses using a Just Culture approach. Paul examined and evaluated operational systems, tasks, behavioral choices, learning systems, value conflicts, policies, and other factors that drive error chains within Emergency Medical Services, Fire-Rescue, Healthcare, and Emergency Dispatch organizations. His work helped the organizations develop strategies to mitigate future risk, appropriately support the involved front-line operators, and provide a road map for measurable and improved outcomes. His work also provided consulting, teaching, and implementation strategies for public and private entities interested in High Reliability Learning Systems, Just Culture integration, Team Communication Strategies, and Peer Review/QI. In addition, Paul is a nationally known speaker and educator on the topics of High Reliability Practices, Just Culture Integration at the Operational, Executive, and Supervisor levels, Crew Resource Management, Quality Improvement, and Incident Analysis. He co-wrote the Jones & Bartlett book, “Crew Resource Management, Principles and Practices”, and is currently conducting research in situational awareness, team culture, and feedback systems within Healthcare, Fire-Rescue, and EMS.

Prior to starting his own company and joining SG Collaborative Solutions, Paul was the Interim Director of Washington County Emergency Communications Agency (WCCCA), where he managed emergency communications for 17 fire, police and EMS agencies. Paul worked at Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue for twenty-nine years, starting as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He spent five years on the Technical Rescue Team, and holds certifications in Dive Rescue, High Angle Rescue, and Trench Rescue. Paul worked his way through the ranks, becoming the agency’s EMS Chief, and in 2000 was promoted to Assistant Chief (AC) under Chief Jeff Johnson. Paul worked for three years as the AC in charge of Logistics, Human Resources, EMS, and Training, and then spent the next six years as the AC over Operations, EMS, and Training, supervising three Divisions and over 400 career and volunteer firefighters. His seven years as a flight paramedic/lead paramedic were spent at Life Flight Network, servicing Legacy Health Systems in Portland, Oregon. From 1993 through 1994 he served as Secretary-Treasurer for the National Flight Paramedics Association.

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