Reliability in Law Enforcement: Tools and Resources Series

First published by SGC in 2014, here is a set of tools and resources for law enforcement agencies pursuing sustainable and reliable performance. Materials copyrighted by SGC may not be used without permission.

Better Outcomes in Policing

  • October 2014 article in PoliceChief magazine by SGC partner Charles A. Gruber, Chief of Police (ret.), South Barrington, Illinois PD.
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    Collaborative Just Culture for Law Enforcement

  • 2014 IACP Conference presentation by SGC partner Charles A. Gruber, Chief of Police (ret.) and SGC Founder Scott Griffith.
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    SGCS Collaborative Just Culture Improvement Guide for Law Enforcement Executives

  • A tool for law enforcement executives
  • Download document

    Collaborative Just Culture Change Management Checklist

  • Collaborative Just Culture™ Change Management Checklist
  • Download checklist

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